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Heijunka Planning ( or Production Smoothing ) is identified as an essential element of the Lean Enterprise ( as defined in the Toyota Production System or T.P.S.). In particular, it contributes to

· Smooth and reduce the variability of operational activity,

· Optimize the trade-offs between sometimes highly conflicting set of production constraints,

· Automate Daily Activity Planning revisions, focusing on understanding true market pull (as opposed to forecast expectations) as well as Production consistency

· Provide innovative marketing tools that easily outperform traditional forecasting methods

· Provide a sound base for JIT exercises (SMED, Kanban, VMI organizations etc.)

· Provide a strong base for Jidohka (autonomation, 5 whys, Poka-yoke etc …)

· Reduce existing stock of finished goods, WIP and raw material (very often by about 50%)

· And much more ...


The major challenge encountered by organizations who are thinking of using IT based scheduling techniques in a Lean environment is that they assume they have to rely on their outdated and inefficient ERP stock replenishment and production scheduling modules.

Quantum BE offers a very innovative and powerful alternative that is light to develop, quick to customize and that is easily related to the client’s centralized database system (whenever there is one) .

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Product Summary

In 2010, only a very limited number of Global Multinational Corporations who claim to have implemented Lean and / or 6 sigma Quality and Cost Reduction methodologies in their operations understand the importance of the Japanese concept called “HEIJUNKA”. However, when one refers to the T.P.S. handbooks, (Toyota Production System), it is made very clear that without Heijunka, their can be only very limited benefits derived from JIT implementation, autonomation, 5S, and other lean Tools. And if companies can nevertheless derive some benefits from the simple implementation of a selection of Lean Tools and techniques, these benefits can only be short lived or limited in scope, as Heijunka is a fundamental element on which JIT and Jidohka must be able to rely:

Corporations who have tried to run ERP planning modules within the framework of a truly Lean environment have ALL noticed (sooner or later, but without fail) that : It simply doesn’t work. The most advanced have all eventually disconnected their ERP planning modules, except for the purpose of monthly procurement calculation exercises, and instead rely on pragmatic (usually semi-manual and empirical) periodic scheduling techniques.  

Quantum BE Heijunka Planning algorithms enable these companies to identify and understand the Science behind their planning experience and then to develop IT solution to optimize the periodic scheduling exercises. Quantum BE provide guidance and a theoretical framework at all levels: From the strategic implications and justifications for Lean (for senior managers and Directors) down to detailed and specifically customized calculation algorithms (for the production line Planners). The Quantum BE algorithms provide advanced mathematical equation solving power (typically featuring statistical and non-linear characteristics) and “speak” with easy-to –understand graphical KPIs.

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Heijunka Planning