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In 2010, SMS text messages are widely used across many industries to:

· Reduce company operation costs,

· Speed up the distribution of business information,

· Automate Reporting and Operational Alerts to employees who do not own smart-phones

· Enable production equipment to communicate with one-another (M2M) in real-time

· Provide innovative marketing tools

· Monitor a mobile work-force

· And much more ...


The major challenge encountered by organizations who are thinking of using SMS to communicate on a large scale is the high cost of developing an IT algorithm specifically designed to solve the business issue.

Quantum BE offers a very powerful “Excel-based interface” that has the potential to speed up the development time of your application and reduce its development time by a factor 10 to 100.

How is this possible ? Simple:

· We offer a solution that enables your organization to send, at once, 100s or 1000s of SMS directly from an Excel spreadsheet

· This Excel spreadsheet is associated to a virtual “mobile phone number”, just like your handset. All messages sent by the spreadsheet will appear as originating from that virtual number

· If one or many of your recipients replies (by SMS) to that virtual number, of if someone sends a text message to that number “out of the blue”, all these messages will be instantaneously and automatically recorded in your Excel spreadsheet, in front of your contact’s mobile phone number, with the date and the time of the call.


Product Summary

If you are already a Registered Customer, simply click on the button (below) and use your Username-Password to access the Web-based Excel SMS “Blaster”.

If you do not have a Username-Password account with us yet, you can just open one for AUD 20 dollars (roughly 10 Euros) from the link provided or you can just request one from us either by e-mail or by telephone.

In doing so, we will be able to set up the most valuable and most personalized experience a web-custom service has ever been able to generate for your benefit. It will give you the best insight into the level of interactivity that can be achieved when using the effectiveness of Quantum’s Productivity Algorithms combined with State-Of-The-Art’s  communication tools. After that, let your imagination work, and let us help you achieve your objectives.

Excel-Based SMS !

Quantum BE SMS FAQs:

· Implementation of your SMS application with Quantum BE typically takes place within 48 hours (the time to provide you with your personalized Excel document and connect it to a virtual mobile phone number that can be reached by all mobile phone networks).

· The spreadsheet can send SMS text message to any valid mobile phone in the world

· The spreadsheet can be copied by you and distributed to many users, all having the ability to send messages and to view the replies at the same time (hereby improving real-time access to your knowledge base). Please remember that SMS are not free like emails, therefore please make sure that the use of the tool is properly monitored to avoid excessive usage (just like you monitor mobile phone usage)

· The messages received by the spreadsheet can be filtered and all of them (or some or none) can be forwarded to various other handset numbers. Doing so enables you to benefit from automated recording of the messages and real-time information.

· The messages received by your spreadsheet can easily be stored in your company database as well (in most cases your development team would already know how to implement this, but we can offer additional help and advice upon request)

· The virtual number associated to your spreadsheet can be made originating from various different countries (61 for Australia, 33 for France, 44 for the UK etc. Please check availability with us)

· The spreadsheet can be made available on a Quantum BE shared web server (as an option) for easy access to a broad range of users.

· Quantum BE can help you develop company specific SMS applications using Excel VBA code, or your organization can do it by itself if you already have the resources

· Quantum BE SMS applications can also be developed using Soap, XML, C++, dot-net and many other coding technologies and programming languages. These applications can act upon real time data originating from your company database, your accounting, your MRP or your ERP systems. They can also be triggered by information coming from a third-party website (or from your company Intranet)

· You can use the Quantum BE SMS-capable spreadsheet to trigger electrical or mechanical equipment remotely from your mobile phone handset. We offer a solution where you send a text message from your handset to your spreadsheet that relays the instruction to turn a main power on  / off (110 –240 V 10 Amps). We already use this feature to cold-reboot computer servers remotely as an example.

· We offer standard low volume rates and production discounts for high volume customers. Please contact our office by phone or by email for further details and to request a personalized quotation.

· Please remember that, in order to protect people privacy, most countries have recently implemented very strict anti-spam laws that control the misuse of email and sms-based communications. Quantum BE will provide you with some guidance, but please seek independent qualified legal advice before implementing any SMS-based business solution with us, as our general terms and conditions require that you understand and comply with the Australian anti-spam act and other countries’ legislations at all times.


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