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When multiple writers must simultaneously contribute to a shared document (say Microsoft Office Excel or Powerpoint) from remote work-places (ie: not necessarily sharing the same LAN, network or Intranet), they face a real challenge to efficiently coordinate their exchange of slides in real time.

As an illustration of the power of Quantum BE Interactive Multimedia Data Exchange Technology (QIMD), we are offering here a very impressive (yet extremely simple and easy-to-use) application that you are welcome to try for yourself.

Such functionalities can naturally also be triggered by various other means (either automatic, semi-automatic entirely manual or any mix of the above). For example:

· By your action in a Secured Web Page

· By an e-mail from you

· By an SMS from you


Quantum has developed similar functionalities to share various other types of e-documents via the SAME web interface:

· Microsoft Excel

· Microsoft Publisher

· Microsoft Word

· Microsoft Project

· Microsoft Access (Databases)

· Adobe Pdf files

· Etc …

If you need help with the development of any business tasks automation (or reporting automation) to enable you to operate well beyond the limitations imposed by the existing reports of your current MRP (or ERP), feel free to ask us for business solutions tailored to your specific circumstances. Not only will you save time to access your knowledge base, you will also get a more structured, reliable and robust understanding of your professional environment. You should also be pleasantly surprised by how rapidly and how economically Quantum will come up with operational solutions



Product Summary

If you are already a Registered Customer, simply click on the button (below) and use your Username-Password to access the Web-Report originated from your data and processed by the QIMD (we also call it QuantumPA service).

If you do not have a Username-Password account with us yet, you can just open one for AUD 20 dollars (roughly 10 Euros) from the link provided or you can just request one from us either by e-mail or by telephone.

In doing so, we will be able to set up the most valuable and most personalized experience a web-custom service has ever been able to generate for your benefit. It will give you the best insight into the level of interactivity that can be achieved when using the effectiveness of Quantum’s Productivity Algorithms combined with State-Of-The-Art’s  communication tools. After that, let your imagination work, and let us help you achieve your objectives.



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