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Quantum BE consultants provides Senior Management Consulting Services specialized in implementing Lean Management Principles across various industries around the world.

 Founded by Managing Director Eric Germes in 2002, Quantum Business Enterprises offers Senior Management Consulting Services focusing particularly on the practical introduction, implementation and sustainability (via continuous improvement) of Lean Management Principles in Manufacturing and Services workplaces (following Toyota Production System rules, philosophy and tools refer to this link for a US$ picture of its effectiveness).

To date Quantum BE’s consultants have successfully worked with large global multi-billion dollar companies in Australia, Japan, and Europe (France / Germany) and helped them reduce their operating costs. Client Industries include automotive manufacturing, aircraft component service & maintenance, white goods manufacturing, FMG distribution, electronic equipment manufacturing, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and water treatment construction plants.

Quantum Automated Decision-Making  Algorithms and Simulators to help Clients lower Operating Costs

 The implementation of Lean Thinking in any organization targets the actual elimination of waste (“muda”) in all forms (Excessive Inventory, Excessive WIP, Excessive Labor content, Excessive Equipment, Excessive Space used, Excessive Transportation …) during the production of the goods and services. The first practical resistance encountered by the organization in its attempt to reduce this waste is related to the underlying belief that such apparent “waste” is in fact and to “some extent” “required” to remedy likely deficiencies in the many business processes necessary to produce the said goods. The statement has a degree of QUALITATIVE relevance, and past experience has usually generated some “evidence”. In fact, the associated risks MUST first be properly QUANTIFIED for any positive outcome to be expected from the waste elimination process : Practically, an appropriate set of client-specific KPIs are required to define these risks, to value them, to analyze them during the study, to measure them during the implementation process, and to monitor them after completion of the organizational change. In other words, during the change phase, the organization must also invent, acquire, learn and master the necessary set of advanced business decision making tools that will enable it to operate more efficiently (say with 40% less stock and 10% less labor) without increase in any collateral business risk (say accompanied by the total elimination of customer back-orders).

 Over the past 8 years, Quantum BE has continuously assisted its major clients in making their manufacturing organizations leaner and more specifically in helping them maintain the momentum of progress. In particular, inventory levels, labor content and WIP levels have seen dramatic improvements. In order to provide its clients with the customized decision-making tools needed to make the improvements sustainable in a cost-effective manner over time, Quantum BE has engineered a very effective methodology to produce various sets of integrated client-specific business management IT tools. These tools are rapidly developed and deployable in their respective client production environments. They are also unique in that they apply Lean Principle Methodology at the core of their code:

* The systematic application of Quantified Rules is supporting each and every decision recommended by the program in agreement with client-specific operating rules and constraints. Typical example = Optimization and automation of daily production volumes calculation by product reference.

* A robust and comprehensive Statistical Analysis Methodology is systematically applied to the different business problems. The specificities of the organization are actively taken into consideration in the application and lead to the design of extremely relevant, efficient and reliable KPIs. Typical example = Historical comparison of sales versus production variability and trends updated daily automatically. This set of tools is particularly efficient during the implementation of the “Heijunka” principle (smoothing of production levels at the product reference level, and related elimination of spikes / downs). Usually, relatively simple statistical tools deliver impressive results, but in some cases the use of more advanced data-mining and product clustering techniques are clearly required.

* Whenever and wherever required, the results from the Statistical Analysis Methodology lead to the creation of customized activity forecasting tools that outperform existing systems in place. In the process, forecasting activity gains in accuracy, and can easily be further automated. Consequently, forecast revision and trend analysis can be made available to General Management more systematically, more frequently and at a lower cost. Typical example = Sales forecast / Days of stock automatically reported by product reference including trends once per day instead of once per month.

* The integration of a comprehensive set of client-specific, automated, yet flexible calculation tools to assist the daily decision making process represents the critical element to achieve sustainability of the improved operating state over time at low cost (as it guaranties the normalization of the work procedures, their repeatability (“Jidoka”), and their feed-back control by the appropriate set of KPIs (critical item of the “PDCA” engine)). In Quantum BE’s approach, all hard data are simply automatically extracted every day from the client’s existing Database (being SAP, JDE, Sage or any other commercial or in-house ERP or MRP system) by the mean of a simple flat data-file query. The data are processed within Quantum BE’s algorithm, which is either operated on the client’s servers or/and on a Quantum BE’s server simultaneously. In doing so, various aspects of repeatability, reliability, security, consistency and remote customer service are simultaneously addressed at the lowest possible cost. This organizational structure also ensures that all modules developed in conjunction with Quantum BE are not only efficient in the operation, but also permanently available in independence from the choice of the central data-base service provider.



Why Quantum Business Enterprises ?

To the best of our knowledge, in 2010, very few consulting and IT firms (outside Japan) have the practical experience and the combined expertise in the areas of Operation Management, Statistical Data Analysis, Lean Management, Financial Analysis and Computer Programming required to deliver fully customized Lean Management software tools that can efficiently improve an organization’s very specific production environment, both in real time and at low cost.

Within 6 years, the extremely high amount of repeat business generated from our large multi-national client base in various countries represents a reliable measure of Quantum BE’s attractive level of cost / performance ratio in the area of Lean Management Implementation

In the original spirit of waste elimination, we are committed to offer a very strong value proposal to our clients : Depending on the size of the study at hand and depending on the magnitude of the expected results, we do our best to ensure that our customers’ pay back period to recoup their investment in these tools usually varies from just a few weeks to just a few months.

Since April 2008, we are also in the position to fit your organization with up to 1,000 mobile handsets, pdas or pocket pcs that fully communicate with your existing ERP, CRM or MES systems


How to get started on the route to “Making the Organization Lean” with Quantum BE ?

 Quantum BE’s studies typically begin with a simple 2-3 day audit at a client’s site. During the first day, Quantum BE’s consultant is provided with a brief of the client’s expectation, or a number of statements about the current operating conditions, current challenges and difficulties encountered. On Day 1-2, we will request some data extracts from the customer central database relevant to the problem considered, and we will start classifying, analyzing, documenting and measuring these data. On day 3, a wrap up meeting will be organized to discuss the findings, to review the possible plans that can be activated within the context of cost cutting by mean of waste elimination. Usually, the 3rd day’s conclusions are considered worth pursuing, which leads Quantum BE’s to provide a specific quotation for the joint implementation of the selected action plan.

Currently Quantum BE can offer you advice and support in North-America, Japan, Europe and Australasia.

Please contact us to evaluate the benefit that your organization would derive from using our advanced algorithms on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

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