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Solving problems

at root cause

As part of its suite of Jidoka auditing and problem solving tools Farthing West has developed a Web-based Kaizen Register to manage and solve problems preventing the completion of ‘standard work’.

The aim of the Kaizen Register is to improve productivity by assisting workers to solve problems at root cause.

The Kaizen Register engages stakeholders in the problem situation, facilitates rapid communication and shared understanding, and guides workers in solving problems at root cause.

The content of the Register is accessible as individual ‘Kaizen Sheets’ and Excel based histories.

Managing the Kaizen Register is straight forward because of its user friendly format and ‘One Click’ functionality.

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Full Lean Implementation - Case Study

Fast Food Industry

Farthing West has recently demonstrated how the power of Lean can significantly improve in-store performance of even the best of the major international fast food chain outlets  ...  And staff and customers recognise the improvement.

Inexperienced staff can now be rapidly trained to deliver the best quality products and services thanks to the introduction of high quality Standard Work systems and processes and a battery of highly effective single point lessons, visual management tools and 5S.

Heijunka (levelled planning) has taken the guess work out of planning.  At the push of a button management now knows what to cook and when to cook it.  And, KANBAN Cards now make stock management child’s play.

Strong emphasis was also given to Jidoka concepts, including the extensive use of Kamishibai (Audit) Cards with the underlying goal of developing ‘worker problem solvers’.

The result – productivity, quality and customer service in a happier, calmer environment.

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Client Areas of Interest


Strategic Pricing


Manufacturing / Logistics






Advanced Diploma (Lean Six Sigma)


SigmaFlow Execution Software


Heijunka Planning




Who is Farthing West?

Promoting Business Excellence

For over 15 years, Farthing West has assisted clients to achieve sustainable, improved performance.  Farthing West’s clients include blue chip companies and government organisations. 

Lean Consulting

Farthing West’s principals are members of the Lean Institute.  This has enabled them to remain up-to-date with emerging issues and practices in Lean Thinking.  Collectively they have over 50 years experience in performance improvement of client value streams across a range of Industry sectors.


Applying …

Lean Six Sigma Methodologies


Managerial Competency Development Programs

in an authentic Dynamic Learning Context

Across …



Distribution &



Health Services


To Achieve …

Strategic Alignment and constancy of purpose within & across the business.

Collaborative Partnerships - aligning the efforts of suppliers and customers with business intent.

Cross Functional Performance Improvement - aligning the functional parts and improving the individual & collective performance of work units.

Functional Performance Improvement- Maximising the performance of individual work units.

Leadership development - Improving the competencies of front line managers and supervisors.



The skills mix includes Business Management, Strategic Renewal, Marketing,

Engineering, Medicine, Education & Training, Systems Management & Analysis,

Commercial Mediation and Arbitration.


Farthing West Team Leaders

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