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Welcome to Quantum BE’s 2013 interactive web site !


Quantum News

In 2013, the 5-year partnerships established between Quantum BE on one side, and the mobile operator VodafoneTM, SkypeTM, MobigatorTM, and VoSKYTM continue to ensure that Quantum BE still remains the only one-stop shop for lean mobile business solutions in Australia. Our technical expertise will allow your business to benefit from technically advanced Lean Implemenation tools such as:

· Quantum integrated VoIP environment (landlines and mobile phones)

· Quantum “smart-web” robotized web pages,

· Quantum email blasters,

· Quantum sms alerts,

· Quantum voice-mail alerts and

· Quantum skype alerts

Enterprise mobile plans (calls and internet) starting at $29 per month feature your choice amongst 3G -4G capable devices including

· Blackberry,

· i-Phone,

· Nokia,

· HTC,

· LG,

· Samsung,

· Sony-Ericsson

· Skype-phones and INQ phones

We will provide you with mobile fleets on extremely cost competitive plans from $29 to $90 per handset. Ask us for details about the products available, and to get the best quote for your business needs and the integration of your mobile technology with your existing ERP, CRM and MES solutions. You can pre-view our conditions directly from the operator’s website, and don’t forget to ask us for bundle options with Quantum lean consulting, Jidohka and heijunka web-services.

Whether your organization operates with 4 handsets or 1,000 handsets, call us for a quote, and don’t renew your existing contract without, at least, talking to us.

Quantum Web-services 

If you are a customer already registered to securely access our Productivity Management Tools Suite, please proceed to  our Secured Service Pages to log in. From there you will be able to remotely access the:

· QuantumPA (Document Sharing) Services
(formats xls, ppt, doc, pub, pdf, mdb …)

· Quantum Email Blasters, SMS Blasters, Instant Message Blasters (Skype, MSN …), Marketing and Survey Tools ...

· Training material for Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc ...)

· JIT (Just-In-Time), Heijunka and Jidohka (or Jidoka) related scheduling algorithms

· Quantum Production Calculator

· Quantum Dispatch Calculator

· Quantum Procurement Calculator

· Quantum Purchase Calculator or

· any of the other Lean Management Tools and Simulation Scenario we have already developed or customized for your specific business use.


If you are new to this site, if you are new to our professional services, or if you simply wish to know more about:

· Quantum Productivity Control IT Algorithms

· Quantum On-line Document Sharing Services (QuantumPA for xls, ppt, doc, pub, mdb, pdf …)

· Quantum Lean Management Services

· Quantum Lean Management Methodology

· Quantum SMS, Email or Skype solution that can be dispatched directly from MS Excel

· Quantum’s partnership with the 3G mobile operator network “three”.

please proceed first to the About Us page, then to the “Product List” page to start identifying the tools that have made the Japanese manufacturing industries so competitive and that will help you increase the profitability of your business.

Finally, don’t forget to leave us a message before exiting this site, and why not ask us for a free quotation ? … it may turn out to be one of the most decisive business moves you will have made in this entire year !... In this message, you may ask us our conditions to set you up with a Website Trial Account, to give you a chance to experiment with our ON-LINE Lean Management Tools.

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Sydney Australia

To contact us:

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Fax: +61-2-9311-2747

E-mail: info@qbeonline.com

Skype: quantumpa.com

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